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Access to our Cacti Server allowing customers to log in to their account to view graphs/usage anytime using the credentials we provide


Pool capacity allowing customers to take full advantage of their total bandwidth when having more than one site, hence taking advantage of the capacity 24/7


Bandwidth monitoring and managing tools allowing customers to take full control of their network, by blocking sites, assigning user policies, etc


Boostable capacity allowing customers to exceed their traffic 2 to 3 X more

Products And Services that we provide.

Satellite Internet Access - V-Sat Solutions

Local WISP Internet Service Providers

Wired & Wireless Solutions

Wireless Internet and Data access (WLAN)
Network management and Security solutions
Enterprise mail and remote office solutions
IPBX-PBX Telephony solutions
CCTV – Access Control Security Solutions
VPN & Network Management Solutions


Powernet has it’s own STM-4 with an STM-1 as redundant Capacity connected through CCL with IP Transit from Spain, Sao Tome and Accra. Powernet NOC is connected directly with physical fiber via Csquare with a redundant wireless P2P link. We use the Mikrotik access points which have high transmitted power on the 5GHz frequency. Mikrotik can be used for point to point links or as a CPE for point to multipoint installations.The CPE is connected to one of our Omni Antennas located at the various towers located through out Monrovia. Our towers are backed up with 24-hour power via generators and UPS systems.

The consistency of our connections is confirmed to be at least 99.7% uptime and our backup solution provides more consistency in case of any breakdown of hardware at the customer’s premises or at our tower locations. Our backup system is simple and cost effective; each of our towers has additional links to other towers in the form of an ‘X’. In case of any damage of any of the equipment or a failure of any of the towers, the links are automatically shifted to the next operational link providing connectivity.

PowerNet’s solution is based on a point to point connection from your premises to one of our towers which is linked to fiber connectivity, hence providing you a stable connection to our fiber backbone located in Randall Street. Our installations are based on a system that is comprised of 1 X Mikrotik CPEs installed at your premises, as a primary connection. The CPE is them connected to a Router/bandwidth manager that allows you to remotely access your link and monitor your bandwidth.


Leased Capacity may consist of either of or both of the following products:

LC Product (A): a managed service connecting Access Sites to Customer’s Handover Point. A 10/100 FE port with capacity of up to 100 Mbps will be provisioned at the Access Site. Additional capacity can be added subject to charges.

LC Product (B): a managed service connecting Access Sites at tower locations. A 10/100 FE port with capacity of up to a 1000 Mbps will be provisioned at the tower site. Additional capacity can be added subject to charges.

Access Site connection at PowerNet:
The typical Access Site will have an ODF where the fiber will be terminated and a switch where service will be terminated. This switch will act as the demarcation point for the Services provided. The ports available for Customers to connect their services will be a 100 BaseT Electrical Port.